All of the Things I Love in Life

Just a page where I talk about my interests. I don't do it a lot.

Serial Experiments Lain

An anime that has recently become something I can't stop thinking about...!!!! I love Lain a lot. I really prefer the PS1 game version of Lain though, both the story and the character herself. I feel like it's a much easier concept to understand than the anime, and not that I dislike ABe's art (I actually try to get into more content he's produced, like Phenomeno) but I really prefer PS1 Lain's design.


Just computers in general. I think you can understand why I'm a fan of SEL... Anyway, it doesn't matter to me if its a newer model of a computer or an older one, I like computers. I do prefer older computers, I think they look cute and the fat buttons on the keyboard that are common for older models are fun, and I think the louder the computer the more entertaining it is to type on it.